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Connectors and Cable Assemblies

AI-Tek stocks a selection of connectors and cable assemblies for your convenience. For ease of selection, the connectors and assemblies are divided into groups. Group "A" is designed for 2-wire items, Group "B" for 3-wire, and Group "C" for 5-wire.

Complete cable assemblies include the connector and 10' of recommended wiring for use with AI-Tek equipment. All wiring is insulated, spirally wrapped in a tinned copper shield and jacketed in long-lasting PVC, Teflon or polyolefin insulation. Alternate cable length is 50', use -050 for final suffix.

Split Gears

When using an AI-Tek speed sensor in speed measurement, split gears provide a convenient and simple means of installation where shaft disassembly is not feasible. The two halves of the gear are fastened with clamping screws, thus assuring close fit. All split gears are 12 diametral pitch, 14.5° pressure angle.

Solid Gears

AI-Tek also offers a 20 diametral pitch, 14.5° pressure angle, solid steel gear. This gear can be rebored to fit shaft diameters up to 3.750". It is secured to the shaft with 2 set screws.

Tachometer Transducers

AI-Tek tachometer transducers are self-generating units when used with speed sensors. They are designed primarily to provide an easy means of attaching a pulse generating assembly to rotating shafts. Sensor gapping, shaft run-out and mounting problems are eliminated. This makes the unit especially useful for shafts with high run-out. The ordering map on the following page provides information for selecting a unit for your particular application. Please note that sensors and cable assemblies must be ordered separately.


The assembly utilizes a Taper-Lock bushing which enables quick attachment to rotating shafts. The transducer employs a rotor with small perforations along its periphery; a permanently lubricated sealed bearing; an outer ring and a reference rod which, when clamped in position, prevents the outer ring assembly from moving. The outer ring can accommodate up to three speed sensors for use in monitoring directions of rotation and speed.

Sleeve Type

The AI-Tek sleeve-type transducer assembly is identical to the Taper-Lock type except that it provides a sleeve bushing with two set screws for installation purposes, allowing larger shaft sizes.

Sensor Mounting Brackets

Several types of brackets are available to facilitate the mounting of AI-Tek speed sensors. Threaded brackets for 3/8-24, 5/8-18 and 3/4-20 threads are generally used with passive sensors with one locknut. Active, zero-velocity sensors and passive, chisel-point sensors that require specific alignment should be used with unthreaded brackets and two locknuts.

Bracket material is non-magnetic, 303 stainless steel; locknuts are also non-magnetic stainless steel or plated brass. Sensors and brackets should be attached to a frame free of excessive vibration to prevent spurious indications when the gear is stopped or turning at very slow speeds.

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Connectors and Cable Assemblies
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Split Gears & Solid Gears
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Tachometer Transducers
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